Writing in school has changed
There has been a big change in writing with the new common core standards. Not too long ago reading and writing were taught as separate subjects, but now they are taught together.

The standards require more problem solving and critical thinking. Children learn to take notes as they read, and this process starts even in Kindergarten. As students get older, they must write in a way that demonstrates a deeper understanding of a passage. Often, it means going back and rereading the text to find evidence. Children have to be able to analyze characters and think about their actions and motives.

How can I help?¬†When helping a child with writing, avoid crossing out their words or writing directly on the paper. Help your child realize what changes are needed by asking questions. It is important to respect your child’s point of view even as you provide guidance. Through discussion you explain why you make certain decisions when you are getting your own thoughts down on paper.

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